As a non-profit, you have to worry about money at least as much as other businesses. We’ve learned about the special accounting and financial reporting needs of non-profits after years of working with many local and regional organizations.

We’ve made a commitment to our community and our world by devoting time and resources to understanding what non-profits need and how to provide for those needs.


Our accounting services for non-profits include:

  • Grant budgets and operating budgets
  • Monthly financial reports and board reports
  • IRS 990 reporting requirements
  • Internal control policies and procedures
  • General operating policies
  • Audited and reviewed financial statements

Non-profit organizations will find Jessup Group’s expertise valuable and service fees reasonable.

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Tax and Tax Planning

You have worked hard for your money and at Jessup Group, we work hard for your money, too.

We will work closely with you to find tax planning opportunities that meet all state and federal requirements. We can help you comply with IRS reporting requirements.

Trust officers, legal advisors, and brokers know that they can refer to Jessup Group with confidence.  Our expertise in individual, business, and estate tax planning will guide their clients to the best possible solution for their unique situation.

Whether you’re a professional advisor, a business, a non-profit entity, or an individual, Jessup Group is here to help you get your returns filed on time, and optimize the tax regulations to save money responsibly.

We offer these tax services for non-profits:

  • Tax planning for individuals and businesses
  • Retirement planning tax strategies
  • Trust tax returns and trustee reporting
  • Non-profit information returns

 Financial Management Services

Jessup Group’s Financial Management Service is like having your own CFO.

Not every company needs a full time Chief Financial Officer, but most find that they need the expertise of an accounting professional. Jessup Group can provide your business with all the benefits of your own finance department at a level appropriate to your business needs.

Jessup Group financial management services can fill a temporary gap during a transition period, or our experts can become a more permanent part of your financial oversight plan.  We will help you assess the appropriate level of professional accounting assistance you need.  Then we will help you recruit, develop and train other members of the finance team.

Our Financial Management Services for non-profits may include:

  • Oversight of accounting function
  • Finance staff training and development
  • Implementation of standardized policies and procedures
  • Assistance with financing and investments
  • Regulatory compliance – tax, payroll, industry specific
  •  Financial reporting and analysis, board presentations
  •  Efficiency studies, recommendations on cost management

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Auditing & Review Services

Jessup Group is pleased to offer auditing and review services to non-profit organizations.

Our audits and reviews provide you with observations designed to improve your organization’s performance, so you can operate in confidence.  We can help your NPO find the right balance between cost and service, depending on the requirements of funders and organizational bylaws.

We conduct our audits and reviews in accordance with generally accepted industry standards.  As a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Michigan Association of CPAs, our services are guaranteed to meet the highest level of quality under their peer review standards.  In addition to conducting audits with total competence, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of independence and objectivity.  Many of our clients recommend us to others because of our unquestionable integrity.

There are many different benefits to conducting audits and reviews, to examine your specific needs and find out how our audit team can help you, call us at 269-963-6090 or email